Provides Thermal Insulation  isonaturelle® has excellent thermal insulation properties providing insulation against both cold and heat. It eliminates thermal loss by forming a complete layer of protection that does not allow thermal bridges to occur. It reduces the heat loss by upto 50% in buildings applied.  Resistant against fire, does not burn isonaturelle® is classified as “Class A” material since it provides resistance until 600°C against fire according to DIN 4102. It is used as a fire barrier in addition to its already existing heat insulation property. It does not emit or radiate poisonous gas or smoke that leads to choking, in the event of fire. It can be used as a fire insulation material through direct application on steel profiles in buildings that rely on steel structure.  Provides Acoustic Absorption isonaturelle® by means of its spherical structure & porosity, demonstrates superior noise absorption properties which provides noise insulation, as well as acoustic comfort in spaces applied.   Ultra-light isonaturelle® is 6 times lighter than the conventional plaster. It stands as a major advantage, especially because it lowers the dead weight of the building.  It also improves the seismic performance of the building  Prevents Mildew and Moisture isonaturelle® is water resistant thus it does not allow water and moisture to form in itself which lets the product maintain its stability over time. When applied on the interior walls, it prevents must and moisture formation.   Crush Resistant isonaturelle® can be applied as screed/alum on the surface under the roof , or as the alum on the floor, as it has a high compressive strength (28-33 kg/cm) . It is highly resistant against crush. The product does not allow cracks to form, shrink or expand after application that stems from sudden changes in the temperature  Easily Painted The finished exterior application becomes ready for painting in under 72 hours at 20°C. Fast finishing characteristic is a major advantage for construction projects that run against time. isonaturelle®, can be used as it is without any extra protective coating or paint. Composed of Natural Elements isonaturelle® is a natural and complementary part of the main constructional component; the “Wall”. Its components are manufactured through the use of high tech. processes and meet the thermal insulation values defined by norms/standards Enhances Comfort in Living Spaces isonaturelle® ensures uninterrupted & continuous thermal insulation, thus it prevents moisture and must formation as well as eliminating sweating created by the condensation inside the building. isonaturelle® adds on the comfort in the living spaces. Thermal conductivity of the product remains stable over time  Eco-friendly An overwhelming majority of its ingredients are natural elementsn isonaturelle® does not include any radioactive or carcinogenic . It can be recycled. It is harmless to human health Economical, Saves Money With isonaturelle®, interior and exterior plaster applications are much easier, that generates a higher surface area completion in terms of labour as well as the material used, as the product is applied directly to the surface. Therefore, savings are achieved through the elimination of unnecessary steps both for plaster and for the labour time. Ease of Application isonaturelle® can directly be applied to almost all wall materials: Brick – BIMS Blocks ( made of pumice ) – Ready mix concrete – Cellular concrete – Ceramic – Steel. Homogeneous che mistry of the product allows the user easier operational control during application. Labour mistakes can easily be repaired. Extra savings from time and labour is possible through machine applications

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