Unlike conventional insulation materials, complete insulation is achieved through a single product; thermal & sound Insulation, in addition to improved protection against fire, it also helps prevent formation of mildew & moisture.   It does not emit poisonous gases in case of fire.   Very easily applied, all plastering work can be applied like conventional plaster via steel trowel or plastering machine.   Provides uninterrupted, complete insulation on every detail on the fa├žade or interior walls, hence, eliminates the risk of thermal bridges to occur.   6 times lighter than conventional plaster & 4 times lighter than gyps plaster. Through its excellent adhesive characteristics is the product directly applied on almost all surfaces without the need for extra adhesives, like Bricks, Pumice Bricks, Concrete and Cellular-Concrete.   Because it breathes, it allows vapour diffusion which prevents condensation to occur between the product and the surface of the building. It prevents mildew and moisture formation.   It does not contain any substances that are harmful to human health neither in the production processes or when the product is applied.   Should there be a repair needed in the future, it could be done very easily.   The product life is nearly identical to the life of the building. The product retains its thermal conductivity value over time. There occurs no change in the volume of the product once the application is done.

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